My Lifetime

Hi Good Day, everyone before I start to write about my life,I would like to thank this opportunity.

My name is April Jane G. Baco,20 years old, I have three brothers and two sister, I studied at JH Cerilles College nearby my hometown. My hubbies are drawing, design like bouquet, decorating birthday, wedding and others venue but now I don’t have enough materials doing all as great, I’m not loosing hope to my dream because I know someday it will be come true. And of course the support of my family also that I wanted.

I don’t have father now cause he died when I was grade three, then my mother supporting us even,she only doing everything to make her family still alive,safe and healthy. Now my mom is far for us, at Saudi Arabia being a housekeeper. It’s almost two years when she leave us, we miss you so much,being a second daughter it’s my duty to care my sister’s and brothers.

So it’s hard for me doing school and care my sisters and brothers, but I’ll do anything to make my mom proud, and I need to finish my study because this one is my mother dream and I’m not loosing it. The way I’m going down because of the problem in the house,I’m going strong for it to achieve my dream and also my family especially my mother who spend her life in Saudi Arabia so must,get it as much I can do it.

Thank you very much,and I hope you read this and it’s my pleasure for having this. Hope you enjoy. God bless Po.

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